Tommy O
Tommy O and Estee Leger-Odom


God wants to be a blessing to you

Tommy O
Tommy O and Estee Leger-Odom


This song focuses on the fact that as a believer when we accomplish something, there are times we "think" we did it in our own power.

There is always a power thats working on your behalf in the background to bring into effect the purpose and plan for your life and he is God :-)


Chorus: Don't think my friend you done thing all by yourself

was God that made you stronger than you are (2X)

There were times when i thought i was all that

And there were times I didn't want to know you

Thinking that I did these things all by myself,and then you came and showed me the way, now all I seem to say....

                         Chorus (4X)

Time after time you kept on nudging me and all those times I kept runnin,you see,thought I had it all together then,but still you came and showed me the way

And still i thought that it was in my power to make my day and create the hour

but know i found out it was you all the while,yes you were showing me the it seems that's all I say.

                          Chorus (4X)

Hey can I preach a little song to you know.....

he's making me stronger even when i thought I did this all on my own

I can see each and everyday that he's making me stronger in every way,yeah

Hey when i thought I was on my own,when thought I could do this all by myself,I struggled I tumbled I tripped and i fall,but guess what he was there with me right through the storm,He took my life and he turned it all around,made my dreams yeah come true ,made my mind be at peace too,Whoa,Oh,Oh,Oh,Oh

I'm better everyday cause he's making me stronger each and everyday somebody say,

Oh,Oh,Oh,Oh,Oh he's making me stronger (2X)

I can clearly see that you are for me,I can clearly see your all that i need.

Cause everyday I'm walking,everyday I'm talking,everyday I'm learning a little bit stronger.

Everyday I'm lovin,everyday I'm caring,everyday I'm sharing a little bit stronger. 

Hey somebody say......

Oh,Oh,Oh,Oh,Oh he's making me stronger (repeat out)